Welcome to Arewaworld, “None of us is as smart as all of us”

Arewaworld aims to bring talents together and create a common goal that supports youths in Nigeria. Let’s work together to achieve positive progress and encourage each other to be the best of ourselves. I took it upon myself to create videos every week for the sole purpose of encouraging people to do great things and unleash their potentials.

In this world where people seek attention by doing all sorts of things, including that which is considered “immoral” and wrong. This is a platform to discuss our shortcomings and try to find easy way out in a simplistic manner. I believe there are people who identify with me and I think minimalism is the way to solve majority of our problems in Nigeria. Appreciate the little we have, be content and avoid comparing our success with what others think, post or show is one of the major keys to progress in Nigeria.
I do not have the entire solutions to Nigeria’s problems, however, I know someone out there among the 180 million people in the country have an answer to a certain problem in which some people are facing. So my purpose is to try and encourage people to reach that potential and my goal is to help that someone to voice a particular solution to help the other person next door.
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This platform encourages everyone to contribute in making people reach their potentials. You can share a your story with me and we will work together to find a solution.
After all I believe we are all from the same Almighty creator. I have no interest in your tribe, religion or orientation, let us work together and help one another.


I am Abdullahi Abubakar, I will be your host on Arewaworld.com every Friday, don’t miss out. I will speak in Hausa, Pidgin English and Proper English. When the platform grows, we will have people speaking in other languages; or you can start today if you speak other language, make your videos and I would to share ideas with you.