About Us

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Arewa world Nigeria is a platform where we try to motivate the youth in Northern Nigeria to follow their passion and create success stories. Arewa world interviews businesspeople, hotel managers, tailors, artists, Kannywood producers, fashion icons and designers on how they achieved success hoping to make an impact on young people in Nigeria.


Arewa World aims to bring talents together and create a common goal to support youth in Nigeria. Let’s work together to achieve positive progress and encourage each other to be the best of ourselves. I took it upon myself to create videos every week to for the sole purpose of encouraging people to do great things and unleash their potentials.


This is a platform to discuss our shortcomings and try to find easy way out in a simplistic manner. I believe minimalism is the way to solve majority of the problems we are facing in Nigeria. I cannot say I have the entire solutions to Nigeria’s problems, however, I know someone out there among the 180 million people in the country have an answer to a certain problem some people are facing. So my purpose is to try and encourage people to reach that potential and that goal

Our story

Arewaworld is platform to help you discover the best and necessary information, places, shops, businesses, traditions and cultures of the people in Arewa Nigeria. We try to create a community to assist people get the best about themselves.

Trust me, you will get the benefit to know the right businesses, locations, contacts and even watch a video about a particular subject you are looking for in Arewa. We aim to provide a quality product that will help you in your search about Arewa.


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