Hi, my name’s Abdullahi Abubakar and I am a Presenter, minimalist, filmmaker & podcaster.

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I Studied Cinema/Television program and graduated from university in 2015. Well, technically I am still a student as I am learning new things daily.

I hosted a program called Around Africa where we discuss constraints and solutions to Africa’s problem. I struggled hard to find happiness in what I do; however, I felt my program does not actually affect people in Africa.

So over the years, I became obsessed with turning things around. I know what I wanted to do, but it might cost me a lot, I watched & listened to several videos on self-empowerment and decided to take a step.

A friend introduced me to minimalism in 2015, I also followed some YouTube Videos and it redefined my idea of success, hence I just thought to try to make an impact so I could feel fulfilled.

Through my videos & podcast, I hope to help people pursue their passions, create meaningful content & make a positive impact on their lives.