Be the Change you want to see in your Society


“7th October should be written in bold in my life. It is a memorable day for me, Seeing Mrs Maryam Lemu speaking at my event alone made my day. The turnout was wonderful and beyond our expectations. I hope the conference made an impact on the students. All I can say is true, God always comes through. I am very grateful and overwhelmed with joy, alhamdulillah!! Alhamdulillah already looking forward to the next conference!!”

Since when I was in my second year in senior secondary school (SS2), I knew teenagers needed help, I found our condition very worrisome. I was not in a position to save us (teenagers) because I was in the same mess, too, I needed help. I felt who Am I to start advising and lecturing people to cope with teenhood when I am exposed to the perils of the moral vices surrounding us. I am yet to overcome it too. And somewhere in my head, a voice kept telling me “I was too young”.

I became a soaking sponge among my peers, I was willing to listen to all sorts of absurd things without judging. I even found a way of justifying what they sometimes do. I wanted to understand the level of moral decadence and find a solution to the problem. I tried reaching out to the older generation, I informed them about our problems and where to focus their energy and resources on.

Along the line, someone said something to me that changed my mindset. “Khadija you have to be the agent of change you want to see in the society. You can never be perfect, but you have the option of being perfectly flawed or awfully flawed”. I came to a realisation that I do not have to overcome all the challenges I am facing to touch lives. I can be battling with the same problem and be a source of hope and inspiration to others. All this happened when I was in my senior secondary school days.

Fast forward to 2019, I established an organisation (Minds In the making) to help children, teenagers, and young adults deal with the challenges they face in their daily lives. Minds in the Making (MIM) is 70% based on Islamic education and 30% western education-based. We provide a friendly approach to knowledge acquisition and a better understanding of Islamic and cultural moral values.

MIM is set to be a global platform that helps the younger generation deal with the challenges they face in various aspects of their lives. Also, to have the desire to learn and excel in both worlds.

To all the young people out there planning to start something great, now is your moment to shine, do not let your own thoughts limit you. If you are waiting to be perfect for answering to your callings in life, then you will end up being useless to yourself and society. All you need is consistent efforts towards being a better version of you. Do not let the world lose an asset like you, the world needs you.

“The world will never see you until you do
Get up and make a move.
Show the world the real you “-

Tatiana Manaois

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