BiiKaaydee’s Kitchen

Hi My name is Bilkisu Kabeer, and I am the founder of Biikaydee’s Kitchen. I started my business after I finished serving (i.e. NYSC) and was looking for a job, but as you know it is not easy to find a job these days.

I thought to myself, I need to start earning some money as I love being independent and I hate to be a burden to anyone. During my NYSC I learnt how to make samosa at the skills acquisition program, hence, I put those skills into practice. I started making samosa and selling it. It was/is successful, Alhamdulillah. Seeing the success of Samosa, I decided to add my other favorite snacks to the list.

Awara is a on of my favorite snacks, I can eat it everyday. I went and learnt how to make awara because I love it so much. I decided to sell it as well. That was how the list grew, now I sell Spring rolls, Awara, chicken wings, milk candy, kunun Aya to mention a few.

I would like to advice anyone trying to pursue his/her passion to work smart, pray hard and always do your best. Below you can find my menu, just click to place your order today.

My Menu

You can order your Biikaaydee’s on Arewaworld. Note: Only Abuja Customers, payment is made at the gate

You have to order 24 hours before collecting.
You have to order 24 hours before collecting
you have to to order 24 hours before collecting