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Hi, I’m Amanda. For two years, I dreamed of starting a YouTube channel, yet could never prioritize it.

My video marketing business was taking off and I was landing dream clients, but the reality of the work was much less exciting.

I was in the business of trading time for money and there was never enough time.

Can you relate?

Each year, I doubled revenue yet profits barely increased. I felt resentment building and knew it was time for a change.

After years of studying online marketing via online courses, I knew my route to freedom was to build an online business.

The first step? Build an audience using video content.

I still didn’t have time (or a budget) so I had to get scrappy with how to create videos while working full time.

One and a half years later, I now run an online business where I teach and coach business owners on how to leverage the full power of video to launch their online presence and escape the time for money trap.

Amanda stated that, Video content is key to pushing your business to the next level, but where do you start? If you follow her, then You’re in the right spot! On this podcast, Amanda Horvath shares video marketing tips for entrepreneurs looking to get started in video. She covers everything from how to shoot on an iPhone to determine your content strategy. Whether you’re looking to the DIY video, hire videographers or build out an internal video team, this channel is for you. Prepare for a video content strategy that will get you a return on investment.



Amanda Horvath helps Business Owners and Entrepreneurs on how to make good use of video content to leverage profit.

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