Friendships Can Be Toxic Too

When people talk about toxic relationships, they mainly refer to romantic relationships, not friendships or family ties. Even those could be toxic, so they stay in situations that are not healthy because they don’t know that they don’t have to put up with toxicity simply because it’s coming from their best friend or a family member. 

If someone you consider your friend doesn’t support you or believe in you, only wants to be around you when things are going great but never when you are struggling, maybe you should rethink that friendship. 

Not everyone you talk to is a friend or should be considered one. The term “friend” is thrown around casually, so many invite people they should say hi to and have casual conversations with into their lives as their friends. Then they start to complain that they only have fake friends. Not all friendship is real; everyone can be a hater when you invite people with questionable characters into your lives as friends. 

You should be wary of the people you hang around. If your good friend doesn’t do anything for you that a good friend does, it’s okay not to want to be friends with them anymore. It would be hard to let go because they are not harmful to you all the time. You may have made good memories, and the history between you could blind you to the reality of who they are. 

I know it is not easy to cut people off, especially people you have known and loved for a long time, because even though they treat you poorly, you still have a tender spot for them. You should also remember to revoke their access to you by setting boundaries and not letting them use you like puppets because you are friends. It is good to be kind, but it is also essential to be wise and not be taken advantage of. Stop being friends with them if you don’t feel right being around friends that drain you and only take from you without giving anything back. 

Don’t be invested in their affairs, or it will make it harder to leave and by that, I mean if you have to unfollow them on Social Media to ensure that your mental health is not affected by any of their actions, do that. 

Surround yourself with good vibes always, be a good friend and choose friends that you are friends. Friends who are not afraid to tell you the truth, friends who defend you when you are not in the room, and friends who feel like a brother or a sister. When you do that, you will see how quickly the quality of your life will improve.