International Day of the Girl Child

The Girl Child is a biological human female from 0-18years of age. She is a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother- the beginning of life.She is celebrated annually on October 11th, the theme for this year’s “Invest in Girls’ Rights: Our Leadership, Our Well-being”.

To invest in the rights of the girl child is to invest in the future. It is a noble and essential endeavour that empowers the girl child making room for better growth and development.

So…How do we invest in Her Rights?

Firstly, we can start by raising awareness about the importance of her rights which will include educating people of certain topics and social issues surrounding the girl child such as girls’ education, equality etc. This will go a long way in correcting certain misconceptions about her rights.

In addition, creating support-oriented programmes that are in the interest of the girl child will go a long way. These initiatives can be well executed by involving reputable NGO’s and not-for-profit organizations. Where this is not feasible, we can donate to organizations that focus on the girl child rights and education.

Furthermore, and most importantly is to join the advocacy campaign for her rights. Get involved in the conversations and actions towards policy changes that promotes her rights. Speak up and fight against harmful practices like child marriage and female genital mutilation. Protect her.

Becoming a Mentor to younger girls is another way to invest. The young girl child needs to see in the older generation that they too can be successful. That their dreams are valid and they can become whatever they want to be. Volunteer to teach them, train them and show them the way. Wherever you find yourself, whether as a teacher or not,…lead

Now, to the family unit: “She was not made for the kitchen and the other room!”. Constantly remind her that such stereotypes do not apply to her. Also, encourage gender equality in the home and community.

Finally, “the girl child is raised to be independent, productive and resourceful; not relying on looks and charms but on ability and strength of character” so, support her dreams and create a safe space for her to blossom.