Kaduna: Effects of Telecom shut down on businesses

It’s been over a month since the mobile network was shut down in some parts of Kaduna without warning. Many people recall that they had no idea network was being shut down; they just brushed it off as the usual lagging familiar with the network.

This has taken a toll on people that run their businesses online. Many of them rely on these businesses to survive and provide for their families. And with the network running slow and being totally off, the business has ground to a halt for most.

The network was shut down by the Kaduna State government to stop the spread of banditry that has been plaguing the state.

The state’s commissioner for Internal Security and Home Affairs, Samuel Aruwan, announced the implementation of this security measure on 30 September 2021 along with other security measures like the ban of motorcycles and regulation of movement of tricycles from 6:00 am to 7:00 pm daily.

Residents of the state are not very happy with the decision as it has put a strain on their daily lives. Many people who cannot go a day without going on the internet or making long phone calls have been forced to down their phones. Others have also lost opportunities because it required them to use the internet, and as the network has been shut down, it was impossible for them.

Ejura’s glam, a Kaduna based makeup artist on Instagram, laments about not securing clients like she used to because of the network problem, as many clients have been unable to reach her because of the ban. She hopes that the network is restored soon and states she never saw the point of the ban as it has only made life harder for online business owners.

Bose, who runs an online food delivery service, also hopes the network is restored soon because customers cannot place orders, and as this is her primary source of income, it is hard making ends meet.