Nigeria Needs To Start Acting Its Age

Nigeria at 62!!! Yeah, what does that look like? 2022 is the year Nigeria turns 62 and in human years that is a huge milestone. A 62-year-old man is expected to have made decisions in his youth that would enable him to live well in old age. But in national years it is not quite the same and Nigeria is still a bit young but old enough to stand well on its two feet which it has not.
The economy is in shambles, insecurity and the crime wave are at an all-time high and citizens are scrambling to leave and pursue greener pastures elsewhere. How did we get here?
Would our heroes be excited to see the state of the country whose independence they agitated for or would be turning in their graves? Your guess is as good as mine.
Nigerian students have been out of school for a while now watching as the Asuu union and government battle it out. Other projects have taken top priority while education in a country with a large youth population has been put on the back burner.
Every day we hear that someone was kidnapped or murdered, a problem that seems impossible to combat, It is like we are living in the fictional Gotham.
So what are we celebrating exactly? I canʼt find a good reason to be excited about Nigeria turning 62. Maybe the fact that Nigerian entertainers are taking our arts and culture global, thatʼs a great feat.
But other than that not much has changed and we still have most of the problems we had ten years ago maybe even worse.
A country that produces oil suffers fuel scarcity do you see the irony in that?
Luckily it is election season and everyone is campaigning to be the next president of the country so it is up to us to ensure we make decisions that will give us reasons to enjoy subsequent Independence Day celebrations.