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🇳🇬 Chubado Shampoo Bars aka Hair Soaps⁣
🌿 Hair Soaps are designed to eliminate dirt and product build-up, leaving you shiny,clean hair. ⁣
🌿It repairs, softens and fights with dandruff and hair lost.⁣
🌿Shampoo bars contain nourishing ingredients and no harmful chemicals you may also be able to skip the conditioner saving yourself even more money.⁣
🌿Convenient to use: No more slomy bottles or difficult tabs to open, just grab the bar and lather up. Shampoo bars are your best friends when it comes to travel.⁣
🌿Environmental Friendly : Shampoo bats are biodegradable and don’t come in plastic packaging. They’re free of toxic chemicals that can find their way into waterways and animals.⁣
🌿All natural: No artificial coloring or fragrances. Natural shampoo bars are also free from harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, propylene glycol that are part of commercial shampoos.⁣


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