Turkish Coffee & Cocoa Face & Body Soap


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🇳🇬Chubado Turkish Coffee Cocoa Soap contains antibacterial Tea Tree Oil, skin rejuvenating castor oil, cleansing coconut oil, moisturizing guru shea butter, magical almond oil and medicinal olive oil🧼⁣
🌿Turkish Coffee Grounds gently exfoliate, remote dirt and dead cells from the skin. By encouraging additional blood flow to the skin’s surface, it can reduce skin’s damages, wrinkles and cellulite.⁣
🌿Cocoa lessens redness and inflammation caused by acne and improve skin by making it brighter and clearer. It boosts skin elasticity and help reduce blemishes that make skin dull and reduces wrinkles. ⁣
🌿 Combination of Turkish Coffee and Cocoa gives the skin perfect strength to fight against sun burns.⁣


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