Red dish Chronicles

Take courses from Nigeria’s best instructors and chefs. Courses include pastry, baking, cuisines, diploma in culinary art, African culinary arts and much more.

The Red Dish Group consists of 4 major tenets of business; the Culinary School, the RDC Kitchen Design, Culinary Services and the RDC Consultancy arm.

Akanji Abiola, CEO

About: “Chef Stone” is the CEO/Head Chef of Red Dish Chronicles Culinary School. He studied in London and took on professional training at the French Culinary Institute in New York City, and he has a passion for empowering youth.

Zara Mustapha, Executive Chef

About: Chef Zeelicioussss is the Executive Chef at the Abuja branch of RedDish Chronicles. She completed her culinary education in the United Kingdom and a first degree is Journalism.

The Culinary School is located in Lagos and Abuja and it is a place where individuals looking to create a career in the culinary hemisphere or who simply love to cook come to learn for a duration that ranges between 3 weeks to 1 year.

RDC Kitchen Design – which is chaired by the CEO – is the arm that handles the designing, remodeling and creation of cooking spaces for personal and commercial use.

RDC Culinary services consist of food trucks and large-scale catering. RDC Consultancy focuses on curating the adequate process to kickstart any food venture – restaurants, training of kitchen staff, recipe generation etc.


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