Sabrinah’s Kitchen

Hi, I am Sabrinah, I am a chef and I offer online and practical classes for the prospective chefs.

Currently my classes are open for students wanting to learn cooking. All you need to do is to book a spot. You can find the fees and registration details below.

Additionally, I provide catering services for events and occasions such as wedding, office gathering, family reunion, naming ceremonies and parties.

Chef Sabrinah

I also create and see things that don’t yet exist, and find ways to bring them to life . That’s what we do through our food, our menus, and our restaurants so we can always have something new.


2 weeks class = 20,000 Naira
4 weeks class = 40,000 Naira

Chef Sabrinah’s kitchen is the 9th place to learn how to cook new dishes in Arewa according to our list. You can see the list here