Self-help: Sweet November

It feels like it was only yesterday we were chanting “happy new year” and making plans for 2021, hoping to do things we couldn’t get in 2020 because the whole world was shut down due to the pandemic.

Now we are drawing close to the end of the year again, the anxiety of meeting the deadlines we set for our goals would kick in. No one wants to carry the baggage of 2021 into 2022. We want to go in empty and pick up new goals on the way, and as you scroll through your social media feed, you’ll see posts highlighting your shortcomings in neon signs. Reminding you that since you haven’t achieved what you hoped to at the beginning of the year, there’s a chance you wouldn’t be able to, and that’s a failure.

That’s not true. 2021, 2022, what difference does it make? Putting deadlines on achieving success, especially things you cannot control, would only leave you with heartaches and migraines. You may feel left behind because everyone you know is moving forward, and you’re stuck with no idea of what to do or how to speed up the process. Yeah, tighten your seatbelt as they would say, but don’t make it so tight you can’t breathe.

You are only human, and you can only do things that are humanly possible, so go easy on yourself, slow down and count your blessings. There’s no way you’re still in the same position you were at the beginning of the year (if you were putting in the work). You are probably only anxious because you are not at the finish line yet as you hoped you would be, and that is understandable, but do not let it consume you. Focus on the things you have done and don’t stop working on the things you want to do, you may not get there at the time you hope to, but if you keep moving, you will. Remember, it is not a race but a marathon.