Street Vendors in Kano: Finding a Solution


Dr Muhammad Kabir Balarabe attempts to develop a framework that integrates street vendors within the urbanscape. Spaces within the cities are increasingly becoming scares and valuable, resulting in increased competition for the street vendors and the masses. Coupled with the desire by city administrators and capital interest in create an ideal vision for a city, street vendors are, as a result, pushed away for potentially viable vending locations. However, as is in the global south, vendors are critical services provider to both the formal and informal sector.

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Additionally, the methods up till now employed to redress these gaps are falling short. Different approaches have been taken, such as the design/planning approach, the inclusivity/people/procedural approach, the organizational approach. All have set out strategies for incorporating street vendors, from the mundanity spatial allocation, rethinking vending instrument design, to suggesting urban planning/design process. Despite their attempts, hostile actions and evictions have continued, emphasizing their ineffectiveness at integration. Conversely, the number of vendors is increasing despite hostilities. This has created a vicious circle, one counterproductive to the cities, vendors, and users.

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