The Blessing and the Burden of a BIG HEART

“Problem with having a big heart is people think your are stupid….until you cut them off, and they’ll still find a way to blame you for that”

Having a big heart goes beyond having a big vital organ that pumps blood. It’s about depth of ones openness and willingness to constantly accommodate others.

Someone with a big heart is able to feel for others, be compassionate and more understanding towards the plight of people around them even if they only just met you. They form a habit of trusting and welcoming all, and are always willing to help anyway they can.

Another habit of a big heart is making excuses for others and always looking past their faults and mistakes. A significant part of this is in their capacity for forgiveness.

Someone with a big heart is always affectionate and shows act of kindness. They go extra mile to help someone in fulfilling dreams and aspirations and sometimes almost forgetting about theirs.

This makes people always want to be around them because somehow they manage to make people feel safe even though a few feel threatened by their style of living. Others take advantage of them and this could take a toll on such a person.

Another demerit of a big hearted person is Vulnerability, the act of always making themselves emotionally available to others thereby making them open to exploitation.

The emotional baggage that comes with this also includes holding on to things that should be out of their lives..people who have overstayed, maybe due to naivety of some sort.

Now, stating these potential demerits, is not to discourage anyone from holding on to the virtues they’ve lived by, but just to be cautious even as they go about been kind, generous, and compassionate and mange their emotions. They should find time for self-care and set some boundaries.

It is important for the big- hearted person to find emotional balance for this is key self-fulfillment.

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