The Four Thousand One Hundred Naira Messiah

Why do people still for cheap easy scams ? They have the same formula, someone promises something that is too good to be true but only if you give them a little something in return.

They recycle these scams and dress them up to make them more appealing and thatʼs probably people why donʼt catch on, also we are living in hard times so someone telling you that for a little fee theyʼll give you a lot of money seems enticing. Nevertheless , no one who truly wants to help you will require you to pay them first.

On November 11, a man visited the sleepy town of Narayi Kaduna with mouth watering promises for residents of the area. He went to the head of the community there who gave him the go ahead to make his intentions known to residents.

He got a guy hiring out chairs, canopies and microphones to give them to him for free with a promise that heʼd pay. He said he was a pastor and you know how people in this country are quick to believe anyone who says theyʼre a messenger of God.

He gathered people from the community together and then promised them a bag of rice each and one hundred and fifty thousand naira , three hundred and fifty thousand if you are a widow, but wait ! There was also a condition for receiving these items and it was that they would buy “holy water” that cost four thousand one hundred naira each.

Red flag ! But guess what? People bought bottles of his holy water and he sold everything even took money from people who didnʼt get any and promised to bring some more along with the rice and money. He also gave out keys to two apartments to two people. It was a joyous day for many who were gathered there.

And then he left and never returned on the day he said he would. That was when they realized they had been scammed yet again. Some people borrowed money to get his holy water, someone even took out of her rent. And I donʼt think I need to add that the free apartments were nonexistent.

In my opinion, this was a very obvious scam. Someone comes around and promises you money but only if you buy his holy water is not so hard to see through but people somehow managed to fall for it.

The story is funny but itʼs sad that people lost money they barely had to a scam artist especially those that borrowed. I donʼt think people would stop falling for these scams but I hope they would. Wishful thinking on my part I guess. If someone promises you money but only if you give him a little out of your own please run. It is the same formula, like the Maria Moses scam, the crowd 1 scam and a host of others. These people are looking for easy money and you are giving it to them then you act surprised when they disappear.

Of course theyʼll give you something to make it seem legit you have to keep your eyes open and hold on tight to your money before another scam artist snatches it. Stop dashing thieves your money.