“Timabee brand was a hobby that turned into business”

Fatima Babakura

Hi, I am Fatima Babakura, just a regular girl, I am from Borno state, and I am the creative director behind Timabee brand.

Fatima Babakura

About: President, Customer Experience @timabeeofficial| Brand builder who loves travelling and lives on YouTube| WEF member| Dreamer

Growing up I have always loved fashion, but I never thought I would start a handbag brand, I always though I would venture into clothing. However, at some point I drew a handbag and produced it. It ended up looking pretty good at that time and people liked it, hence, I thought to make a business out of it.

After I made my first bag, everyone started asking where they can get the bag, so I began producing more and it all started as a hobby.

I faced several challenges, I started very young when I was 18, people didn’t take me serious at the beginning, because when I request an interview, they say I am too young, I don’t know what I am doing. However, I am really happy I started early. I get the opportunity to make mistakes and take corrections.

Entrepreneurship is no joke, you will cry real tears and still continue. With prayer and hard work it will always work out. So, I keep working hard and face every challenge and learn how to deal with.

There is this challenge of not having enough capital to do what I want, like I want to have ten stores in Dubai mall, but it’s impossible to achieve that overnight. As an entrepreneur you need to be optimistic and have passion to continue pushing.