What Kunu Aya Does To Your Body

You Need To Know This If You’ve Been Drinking It, Kunu Aya is a beverage popular in the northern part of Nigeria. It is made from tigernuts and contains many nutrients

First time I heard of kunu Aya was when I was a student at Bayero University Kano, Nigeria. I was amazed to learn that the tigernuts I enjoyed snacking on could be transformed into delicious milk and if you’ve never tried this drink I’ll be happy to share the recipe and its benefits with you.

Kunu Aya can be a good replacement for dietary milk as it contains many amazing nutrients. It is packed with calcium, phosphorus, zinc, Vitamin B, C and E, and aids in the control of diseases like diabetes, cancer and blood pressure . It also helps with digestion as it contains carbohydrates. I’ll outline more health benefits of kunu Aya and why you need to start drinking it now .

Tiger nuts are very common in the northern part of Nigeria and are usually eaten as a snack or blended into a liquid form and consumed as a beverage. They mainly grow in tropical regions but can also be found in India, Madagascar, the Middle East of Europe and Mediterranean countries in Southern Europe.

Apart from being delicious when thoroughly blended they also serve as an aphrodisiac and boost libido in both men and women. And now the health benefits of tiger nuts;It’s Amazing for Diabetics Kunu Aya contains insoluble fiber which is highly recommended for diabetic patients. This is because it controls and regulates their blood sugar levels.

Blood Pressure Tiger nuts contain amino acid (arginine) which does not only improve sexual energy in men but opens your blood vessels for better blood flow. In doing so, blood wlll flow freely through your vessels stabilizing your heart rate and creating a normal blood pressure. Potassium in tiger nuts is also very effective in removing excess sodium from your system which also leads to normal and healthy blood pressure.

Weight LossLooking to lose weight? Kunu Aya contains high levels of dietary fiber which keeps you satisfied for a long time and is best for losing weight because it prevents you from overeating and gaining weight.

Aids Digestion Tiger nuts are effective in dealing with issues related to digestion ? Be it diarrhea,constipation or irritable bowels. It also keeps your digestive system healthy by removing harmful toxins from your body and liver.

Preventive Measure Against Colon CancerAccording to the American Cancer Society, the fiber found in tiger nuts helps in cleansing the colon and preventing colon cancer (cancer of the large intestine).

Sexual Enhancement Tiger nut helps in correcting erectile dysfunction in men due to the presence of omega 3 in it and helps send better flow of blood from the heart to the penis. The presence of zinc and other vitamins in tiger nuts also helps in more production of testosterone.

In women it helps regulate menstrual levels and increases Oestrogen production making them more fertile and libidinous.These are only some of the benefits of drinking Kunu Aya due to its primary ingredient; tiger nuts. The recipe is a very simple one and kunu Aya is not hard to prepare once you get the hang of it.