Why Financial Literacy Is So Important For Women

Girls! I am sure you are tired of seeing patronizing stereotypes aimed at us like “send me urgent 2k” and some other things that imply women do not know how to make their own money and need a man to foot every bill. They use it to see us finish, which isn’t very respectful. It is time for us to start having conversations about money and how you can make some for yourself on your own.
Financial literacy is essential, and it is the understanding and use of personal finance tools to build a lasting relationship with money. Without it, we are stuck in a cycle that stunts our growth and, by extension, the growth of our children. With financial literacy, you can build a life that doesnʼt requires you to depend on anyone for your monetary needs. You wouldnʼt have to stay in toxic situations because you are financially dependent on another person. You will be free; below are a few reasons why it is necessary to be financially literate as a woman.
Women Are Already At a Financial Disadvantage.

There is a wage gap, and you are the one who is expected to stay at home and care for the kids, which is an unpaid job. You are told to hand over everything that deals with finances to the man because “he knows better”.
Also, in many cultures, once a woman loses her husband, every asset he owns is turned over to his family, leaving her nothing even if she made a considerable investment in his finances.
Money is Essential, and We Have Always Needed It.
From a young age, we know money is necessary to get things you need to be comfortable. I know they probably tried to make you feel bad about liking cash because it makes you a “gold digger “and other unfavourable stereotypes about why women shouldnʼt like money. Money is essential for leading a comfortable life, and learning how to get it on your own is a necessary learning process we all need to go through; future generations of women will be grateful for this.
Being Financially Illiterate Could Trap You
How many women are stuck with abusive partners and emotionally absent fathers because they would fall into poverty if they leave?
How many have been thrown out and returned to their parents’ houses because they had nowhere else to go, only to be sent back to the men abusing them?
These scenarios wouldnʼt stop occurring or reduce in number if you donʼt take financial literacy seriously and start making your own money.
Lack of Financial Education
A recent report found that “improvements in women’s financial literacy can significantly reduce the rates of violence against women perpetrated by their male partners”.
When career and business seminars are organized for men, women mostly get workshops on how to be good homemakers, primarily focused on catering for others and not themselves. But thankfully, that is changing these days, and more women are organizing seminars to teach other women to be financially literate so that they can be more self-sufficient.
Please, ladies, whatever you do, ensure you have the means to provide for yourself and do things on your terms instead of having to bite your tongue because someone is feeding you.