Hauwa Atiku Uwais | A short Film | Challenges – Motivations – Advice

Daughter to Africa’s most influential Vice-President and married into the illustrious Uwais family, Hauwa is one of Nigeria’s most powerful public speakers and she is a passionate advocate for justice,…

October Magazine : Face of Determination by Chef Ro


Tips on how to survive harmattan: Skincare regimens

Cold air and low humidity levels can drain your moisture. This can leave your skin looking flaky and a lot less radiant than usual; if you’re like me, you know that can be really frustrating.
But luckily, there are ways to combat or manage this. These include;

Friendships Can Be Toxic Too

When people talk about toxic relationships, they mainly refer to romantic relationships, not friendships or family ties. Even those could be toxic, so they stay in situations that are not healthy because they don’t know that they don’t have to put up with toxicity simply because it’s coming from their best friend or a family member.