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Naira 450,000 | $350

Take your brand to soaring heights with our unique opportunity for exclusive skyscraper ad placement on our website, delivering premium visibility and engagement for just $350

Supercharge your brand's visibility with our exclusive offer: Feature your ad prominently on our website and within our engaging video content for maximum impact and audience reach

Terms and Conditions for Advert Placement and Sponsorship Engagement

Seize the spotlight with Arewaworld’s Advert Placement and Sponsorship Opportunities. Reach over 22,000 active subscribers on our YouTube channel and tap into the vast Instagram community. Elevate your brand with our compelling packages!

      1. Advert Duration: The Price above is for one week, meanwhile you can enjoy 15% discount for placements exceeding three (3) weeks on both website, YouTube channel and Videos.

      1. Payment: All adverts must be pre-paid before publication. Invoices will be issued upon agreement.

      1. Artwork Specifications: Advertisers must provide advert artwork in JPEG or GIF format; Arewaworld also offers design services at an additional cost.

      1. Artwork Submission: Advertisers can send artwork via email to or physically (hand, post) in zip; CD or flash drive.

      1. Advert Rates: Rates are subject to periodic review, ensuring fairness and competitiveness in the market.

    By engaging in advert placement, advertisers agree to these terms and conditions. Arewaworld reserves the right to amend or update these terms as necessary.