6 Signs Your Partner is Dating You Because They are Homeless

You may not believe it, but there are people who actually get into relationships because they need a caretaker and are homeless or broke. While it may not seem like a big deal to date someone who is economically challenged it becomes a problem when they are only dating you for that reason.

They don’t actually care about you they just need someone to drain and take advantage of until they find their next victim. People like that are also referred to as “Hobosexuals” which is a term created by writer Nikita Nacci to describe someone who dates you with the sole purpose of having a roof over their head, not because they have a genuine romantic interest in you.

Here are signs that you may be dating a hobosexual; Everything is moving too fast: Getting to know someone is a gradual process but when you barely know this person and they are already making grand declarations of love there is a problem. If you fall for it you’ll soon find that your new partner needs you to take care of everything without making any input. They will eat all your food, may borrow money from others and have you pay back.

They have a key to your house and are leaving their belongings around They’ve already started to mark their territory and without your permission are leaving their personal items around the house, making space for themselves in your drawers and wardrobe. They haven’t had the decency to have a conversation about living arrangements, they just move in like they own the place. Living with your partner is not weird but not making any plans together about that is.

They’ve never been single They are serial daters and have never taken the time to heal before getting into another relationship. It is normal for some people to date around but if you find that every time your partner broke up with somebody they found a new partner and moved in with them then you may have to take note.

They have forced you to make changes in your lifestyle that do not benefit you Compromise in a relationship is great, but when all of that falls on you then there might be a problem. If you’re the only one who has to make space for things or give up things then you might want to re-evaluate the relationship.

They are too good to be true If something is too good to be true then it usually is. If you find that this person likes everything you like, hates everything you hate and never disagrees with you , they may be mirroring your behavior to stay on your good side and be welcome in your home. Take a step back and observe before becoming fully committed, eventually their true colors will start to show.

They are always telling little lies If you catch them constantly lying or making contradictory statements not only to you but other people they converse with, then you need to take a step back. If they can never have an honest conversation about the state of things in their lives then you need to be wary.