Childhood Myths

Do you remember growing up and being told not to do certain things because they wouldn’t be good for you? Me too!
We were told about myths or stories we as children that we have now come to realize are false or are they ?
These stories or myths are told to children because it’s the only way you can get them to listen and do what they are told .

Eating a lot of rice will make rice grow on your head
To stop children from overeating food that they had marked their favorite they would be told that eating a lot of it would make it grow on their head.

Imagine how that would look, I was always terrified of food growing on my head so I had to explore other food options.
Is that myth true ? Of course not, I’ve been broke and stuck with the same food option for nearly a week it didn’t grow out of my head.

Whistling at night will invite snakes to your house
I have a deathly fear of snakes so immediately I was told that whistling at night attracts them I stopped doing it.
I didn’t even know how to whistle properly so that was not a problem .
Is it true ? Whistle at night and come tell me the story.

If you hit someone with a broom they’ll have to marry your brother
What if the person has no brother would you then have to marry their cousin or any of their male relatives ?
As a child this one terrified me because it felt like a punishment to be stuck with someone because you hit their sister with a broom?

Picking up food that has fallen to the ground will leave you possessed because the devil has touched it
Why would you want to eat food that has been on the floor anyway ?

Walking over someone who is lying down on the floor will stunt their growth.
You have to ask the person to cross you back so it doesn’t work .
Maybe I believe this one, my sister walked over me once and I’ve been unable to grow taller than 5’2 , I’m joking or am I?

Having Itchy Palms means a lot of money is on its way to you
This one’s my favorite, and I still believe in it a little.

Hide your tooth if it falls out because if a lizard sees it it wouldn’t grow back
I was so terrified of this happening because no one wants to have a toothless smile, I guess we were told this so we wouldn’t throw our loose tooth wherever we felt like and it was just a fun myth to scare children with.

These are only some of the myths we grew up hearing as children and I’m sure I missed some interesting ones. It’s really interesting to grow up that you were lied to because it was easier than explaining why you shouldn’t indulge in certain activities. But those myths kept us safe ,didn’t they ?