Devouge Couture

My name is Fatima Husaini Labo, I am the founder of DE vouge couture also known as DVC, I am into fashion designing, I make and sell all kinds of ready to wear dresses, and I also render tailoring services, i.e. bespoke.

Fatima Hussaini Labo

About: Founder Devouge Couture (DVC).

My motivation comes from my mom, and the passion I have always had for fashion, I had this feeling of getting into fashion. And when I finally did, it was terrific. And I quickly get motivated and inspiration from people. The main challenges I face is the client not paying on time. Additionally, Making mistakes with the fabrics of people.

Clients not being able to pay is really a big issue, you put all your efforts, your time energy to make someone’s piece and then they end up not paying is really bad. How I tackled that, is this year, is payment before service and it’s going well so far.

Making mistakes with client’s fabric is another issue, a client brings her fabric, and then you make a mistake, maybe the fabric is costly, and you need to find a way to get it or apologise, some clients might not accept or understand. So a person has to be very careful.