Green Lifestyle Activism

Mairo Ilyasu

About: Green Lifestyle Activist

My name is Mairo Iliyasu, popularly known as Mumseey. I’m currently studying the English language in federal university Dutse. Alongside, a nature explorer, green lifestyle blogger and an entrepreneur.
Ever since I became a green activist, doing research and exploring about nature has been like a hobby to me. I do share my discoveries and ideas to people about the impact of green nature in human life.

I was super happy when I finally found my passion for nature. I always thought of how to contribute to our society, and when I finally came up with the idea to start a personal project work, it seemed like a dream come true.

Lastly, my main aim of starting the project work is to widen my thoughts on how to appreciate nature through education, fashion, food, photography, and travel.

I urge people to follow my page on Instagram @the_green_activist, to learn the source of truth, goodness and beauty.