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Miss Nigeria: Hisbah Faces Criticism.

The Kano State Hisbah board is facing criticism over their invitation to Shatu Garko’s parents, winner of Miss Nigeria 2021. Garko is an 18-year-old from Kano who emerged winner of the beauty pageant held in Lagos on 17 December 2021. A historic win as she is the first hijabi to emerge winner of a major beauty pageant. Her participation in the beauty pageant caused the Hisbah board to put out a statement seeking an arrest for the teen model’s parents as they say their daughter’s actions go against the teachings of Islam.

Many Nigerians criticized the move, tweeting against what they consider an infringement of her rights. Among them is Shehu Sani, a former senator.
In a tweet, he stated, “Ms Shatu Garko contested Miss Nigeria pageant decently dressed. She has not crossed the line of our cultural standards here in the north. There are daughters of the rich and powerful that have done that with impunity. I appeal to the Hisbah religious authorities to let her be.”

Prominent activist Aisha Yesufu also tweeted, “So my daughter will participate in beauty pageant and Hisbah will invite me?! Kai! I laugh in unmade D! They will know that day all of us have bed in psychiatric hospital! Nonsense and rubbish! Nobody has monopoly of violence and foolishness!”

Many other prominent Nigerians weighed in on the matter, calling it ridiculous and a move that would cause other people to see Muslims and Northerners in a bad light. They also said there are more issues to worry about than a young woman contesting in a beauty contest.