Just follow the rules

Rules are a set of accepted principle or instruction that states the way things are or should be done, and tells you what you are allowed or are not allowed to do.They are a set of instructions and consequences that are established to help individuals, and whole communities, live and work together harmoniously.

Rules and laws are important because they help to obtain and continue a balanced level of safety, fairness, order and justice.

Rules help us learn and prepare for living in wider society. They form the basic values and morals of our legal system, such as harming others, stealing, lying and wasting resources, which we are held legally accountable for as adults.

Rules can also be used by an individual to set personal boundaries and the consequences of this rule will vary, but the rule is established for personal safety and comfort.

While following the rules is crucial, it’s also essential to recognize when rules need to be challenged or changed to address evolving circumstances or injustices.

Progress and innovation often arise from questioning the status quo and advocating for necessary changes within a framework of existing rules.

Following the rules is not about blind obedience. It’s one’s way of contributing towards a progressive society while also it’s about contributing to a well-ordered society, ensuring safety and fairness, and fostering personal growth and success

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