Men Can Have Breast Cancer Too?


Breast Cancer is Complex disease. It occurs when the breast cell begins to grow out of control. These over grown cells come together form a mass or tumor. These cells do not always startup as cancerous but over time they become malignant.

Although this is mostly common in women, it also occurs in men. Men also possess glands and a small amount of breast tissue and this makes them susceptible to developing cancer and this rarely happens.

The most common sign and symptoms in Men include a swelling behind the nipples. This swelling is a lump-like mass which is sometimes painless. Some experience a change in the shape and position of the nipple and may even see some discharge. The area around the nipple might have a coloration, it may appear darker than the surrounding skin or lighter usually with redness of the breast area too.

The risk of developing this in men increases with age; most cases are diagnosed in men who are over 60 years of age. The family history also adds to the risk of getting the cancer in both and women. Genes inherited from generation long gone can cause a mutation which then results in the cancer. The cancer can also be as a result of prolonged exposure to radiation overtime.

After biopsy is been done to confirm and determine the type of cancer, surgery is usually the best course of treatment especially for removing the tumor and then depending on the stage of the cancer chemotherapy may be recommended. If discovered and treated early, one can go on and lead a natural life.

Breast cancer in men comes with some emotional baggage and so getting support from friends, family and support groups could go a long way relive the stress of treatment and therapy.

Creating awareness and educating people about male breast cancer also helps with breaking the stigma attached to breast cancer in Men and also lead to early diagnosis and treatment.

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