Bolanle and Uncle Oga were on cloud nine, basking in the glow of their recent engagement. All seemed to be going well but something was brooding in the dark.

As weeks passed, Bolanle couldn’t shake off the nagging feeling that something was off. Her suspicions were confirmed when she discovered that Uncle Oga had been communicating with a certain “family friend” behind her back. When she inquired about this, the feedback she got from Uncle Oga was quite reassuring but she couldn’t shake of the feeling.

So, during their usual date night they were having a meaningful conversation about their plans for the future and that’s when Uncle Oga expressed his desire to end their relationship.

Bolanle struggled to make sense of Uncle Oga’s sudden change of heart. To add insult to injury, she later learned that Uncle Oga intended to marry the so-called “family friend” whose presence had cast a shadow over their relationship.

In his defense, he claimed that family pressure had swayed his decision, leaving Bolanle feeling like an afterthought in his life. As she struggled  with the pain of rejection, Bolanle couldn’t help but wonder if Uncle Oga had ever truly valued their relationship at all.

To avoid further damage, it is best for Bolanle to have the talk with Uncle Oga. He should decide what he really wants for himself. If he claims to really love Bolanle, then he should stand up for their relationship but if not then I think it’s best for Bolanle to walk away. It’s definitely going to hurt her but that’s the best thing for her peace.

Ladies, be reminded of your worth and do not to settle for someone who won’t  prioritize your happiness. Love isn’t always easy, and sometimes, the greatest battles are fought within ourselves. But through it all is the way that allows us to embrace the love that we truly deserve.

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