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Nigeria at 61: Is it aging well or poorly?

The answer is yes, it is aging well.

It has been 61 years since Nigeria gained independence and learned to stand on its own. But all of this has been pushed back by the crippling rates of insurgency and economic stillness it is facing. Kidnapping rates are at an all-time high, and many Nigerians are reported to be living below the poverty line.

More people are fleeing out of the country to find better conditions to live and work in. Many citizens of the South-East and South-West are also seeking a separation to carve their nations as they no longer believe in “One Nigeria”.
Nigeria has come a long way since 1999 when it became a democratic nation despite these problems. The literacy rate is significantly higher than at independence, with more people enrolling in tertiary institutions.

The entertainment industry has also put Nigeria on the map, especially the music industry. More people listen to and enjoy indigenous music, and international singers cite Nigerian music as an influence.
Though imperfect, Nigerians still hope that the motherland would get better with time and it would be everything our heroes past fought for.