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Nigeria, The Nation in Turmoil

Thought was lurking behind the shadows of citizens, who gave all that they could to bring change. A change that will grow into a revolution, to tackle challenges disturbing their nation. The hidden language of an oppressed populace grew husky, in an atmosphere of starvation, where the stomach cried out very loud, that the sound cannot be hidden.

In our society, where almost everything has increased in price, not only goods but also people were taken for ransom. It is quite unfortunate to interact with a bandit to bargain on a fixed price like you are having a business deal. It now seems to be a business in our nation and one of the fastest-growing businesses.

The economic recession has led to a frantic struggle to keep the body and soul together, and this has forced some into starvation, criminal act, and other activities that disrupt the peaceful atmosphere of the nation, only looking for a way to survive.

In this land of dichotomies and disruption, where the poor and the needy look for what to eat from each other, or the leaves that sprout out naturally at the earth’s surface to sustain hunger for some families. This situation made them hate the darkness of the night. They need a light to shine directly at their elevation, to at least know that they are being heard by those needed to hear them and bring solutions to them. But those who need to hear their cries are aware of the situation. We have seen how a lot of NGOs provided their support across States and even the capital of the nation in some IDP camps, sharing foods and clothing to keep their body warm during this cold weather and shield their bodies from the hot sun, to make them feel they are also humans and they are important.

This fight against insecurity, that turned a tenant with a household well-furnished into the street in shackles without shelter, with thoughts lurking in his head, where his wife and their children are, make life more bitter than we think. Only those who found themselves in that situation know how it feels. For grief is felt mostly by those affected by the situation. If you are administering a treatment for a disease for a longer period with all the requirements provided, but still nothing is changing but the illness is getting worse, I think to save energy and resources is to try another treatment.

The fight against insecurity in our nation is beyond an alarming manner, statistics are always rising like smoke. A lot has been done, necessary facilities, equipment, and manpower needed were provided, but it keeps increasing and getting worse. In this situation, new strategic planning is needed, an effective plan, which can bring a cure to these disasters and create an atmosphere that is conducive to humanity.

The nation is at its brink, everyone is tired and frustrated. If the situation doesn’t affect you directly, it has affected your families, friends, those in your neighborhood, or humanity at large.

The government should double their effort, every disease has a cure, except the cure is yet to be found by the seeker. But determination and dedication in the fight against insecurity, banditry, and other criminal acts in society will lead the path towards getting that cure and create future greatness for the nation.

We can make the nation great again if we mean to do so. Everyone in the society has something to offer, a role to play towards a path, which will contribute to tackling and flushing out those bad eggs that keep hatching and multiplying to have a new atmosphere with fresh air for humanity.