Northern Headtie

Story behind Northern_headtie

Hello, Assalamu alaikum my name is Aysha Umar, famously known as Yunguss. I am a daughter, a fashion designer, student, future geographer in making Insha Allah.

I am a creative founder of Northern _headtie; we sell original Rawsilk, turban, veils and scarves.

So Alhamdullilah I am proudly a self fashionist and a fashion designer. Fashion has been a significant part of me since I was in junior secondary school (JSS classes). I used to use my aunties scarf to tie up my head, and that’s how I learnt from them.
I have the desire to achieve success and to work hard on being successful. My aunties motivated me, siblings, so far, so good Masha Allah.

Easy scarves, Raw silk, veils and more
Nationwide delivery
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