Overcoming Exam-Fever

Exams or assessment/tests often makes people nervous and restless. There is a common feeling of anxiety that comes with this and it is often referred to as “Exam Fever”.

Exam fever both has its demerits and merits. On one hand, it comes with stress and anxiety and on the other it’s comes with an energy in anticipation for the exam.

One of the ways to properly manage this is by planning and studying ahead. This should involve having a well structured plan, a plan that suits you properly and fits your daily routine or schedule.

Also, practising past questions. The best way to achieve this is not just by collecting the past questions and their answers; but also by understanding the different question types and the approach used in answering. This is because the last questions will most likely not be repeated and even if it is, it will most be in a different way.

In addition, asking for help from senior colleagues and tutors will provide guidance and a fresher perspective. You could also seek clarification on certain topics. This will be effective in calming down the “exam fever” and makes you more confident.

Having a positive attitude towards the exam also add to its overall success. Most importantly, stay healthy and fit.

Remember, it’s normal to feel a little nervous, but these tips can help you tackle exam anxiety and do your best.

Good luck!