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Scary Facts About The Human Body

Our bodies do a great job of keeping us alive and has so many functions we don’t know about or don’t even care to know about because if we did we would pay more attention to how we treat it. Here are some facts about your body you probably didn’t know about:
1.A pregnant female corpse can still birth her baby, the body will build up enough gas to push the baby out even after death. To understand this more, look up coffin birth.

2.You sneeze with enough force to kill you but your body stops that from happening.

3.Your brain is already programmed on how to shutdown after death. You don’t have to worry about how your body reacts in the event of your death because your brain has it all figured it out.

4.The brain eats itself when you don’t get enough sleep. That’s why you notice that in times when you’re not sleeping well, you have memory gaps and you don’t function properly.

5.Your brain knows to fear things that look human but aren’t, that’s why you immediately retreat when you stumble on something you shouldn’t.

6.If something were to pierce your body and stay there for longer than seventeen minutes your body will begin to push it out. Your body does not like foreign objects and when it recognizes one it will try to get it out, or signal for you to get it out.

7.You probably got cancer this week but your body fought against it. Our immune system is always fighting to keep us alive and safe from deadly diseases, it has fought against illnesses we are not aware of. The only time we realize this is when we breakdown because our immune system got too tired.

8.Your tongue has about 8000 taste buds each containing 100 cells that help you taste your food.

9. Your tongue print is as unique as you are, no one else has the same.
These are just some of many interesting, scary facts about the human body. Our body is capable of so much we don’t know about and it is fun unraveling these mysteries.