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Swimming is a water based activity that can be both fun and beneficial to our health.

The act of swimming involves the use of arm and legs which can be a good form of exercise. It is a soft kind of exercise that doesn’t require lifting of weight or running miles.

Swimming helps one keep fit and it’s also recommended as a weight loss technique as it helps one burn lots of calories thereby leading to significant loss of body fat.

The act of moving or just been in the water alone provides stress relief and is often used as recreational activity. People often spend time by the pool or at the beach to catch up and just relax.

Research has shown that swimming has quite a lot of benefits on the human mind and body such as improving cordination and balance. It develops flexibility and also improves the posture of an individual.

Swimming also improves the capacity of vital internal organs such as the heart and the lungs. The aerobic nature of swimming allis the heart to become stronger and bootsbthw lungs capacity. It has been recommended as management strategy for patients with cardiovascular diseases and other related issues.

Studies have also revealed that swimming boosts brain activity. A study as published in Physiological Reports linked swimming with improved short- and long-term memory.

Swimming also provides good low-impact therapy for some injuries and conditions. Although this has to be manged properly because rigorous swimming might result in more problems.

Scientist have also added that regular exercise especially that involving swimming lowers risk having life threatening conditions which in turn reduce of risk of death.

Swimming as a sport is quite refreshing and interesting to watch. Professional swimmers compete in various types of competition in which they display their skills matched with speed.

It is important to also note that swimming is an important life skill for all to acquire. Even babies and children are been groomed these days to know how to swim. This is because it is an assets that can be very useful in cases of emergency as a safety measure to prevent drowning.Similarly, it’s serves as a form of livelihood for those who are swimming coaches/trainers and lifeguard by the pool or beach side.

Therefore,one could say that swimming is all encompassing of various benefits which proves how versatile and valuable swimming.