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The Secret of Successful Multi-tasking

Multitasking is the act of been able to do different, sometimes unrelated task at the same time.

The art of multitasking is not just about handling multiple task simultaneously; it’s also about finding the balance and having a pattern in the midst of chaos. To be successful in multitasking, ones has to develop a pattern with finesse and precision.

It requires one to have ability to manage multiple responsibilities at once usually by focusing on one task while keeping track of others.

Beginning with prioritizing the task based on its importance and urgency. This would enable an individual to strategically plan by focusing on that which deserves more attention while doing the rest.

Understanding that not all tasks can be done at the same time with others is also important. There are task which will ordinarily take up more time and more mental capacity to solve and so combining them with other equally demanding tasks might result in failure to achieve quality results.

The finesse in this, lies in the ability to minimize errors and mental friction that might come as a result of multitasking. The smooth flow between the tasks at hand and effortlessly moving from one to the other.

Minimizing error and achieving success can be aided with the use of technology such as setting reminders and organizational apps or tools. It doesn’t enhance your abilities but helps manage and organizing them.

To avoid mistakes is something that cannot be taught but must be learnt from experience. The more you do the more you get. It opens our eyes to better ways to achieve multitasking, while providing opportunities for us to sharpen the rough edges.

Expect to encounter surprises while at it so that when unforeseen challenges come up you will be ready.

The secret lies in purposefully turning chaos into a symphony of tasks. Go get it done!