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Tips For Travelling To The North

Many people travel far and wide to see family and celebrate the holidays with them. But with banditry on the rise, it is not always a good idea to be on the road, especially if you are travelling by car. Many people now fear travelling to the north of Nigeria for fear of being attacked, kidnapped or worse, killed. This is not good for the tourism industry in the north because even though there are places and historical landmarks for people to explore and enjoy, no one wants to risk their life doing that. You don’t have to fear travelling to the north if you follow these simple tips;

Keep your family updated throughout your journey. Be conscious of any vehicle you board if you sense that something is off, take yourself out of the situation. Trusting your gut is always a good idea.

Travel during the day. It is better to travel during the day than at night because criminals depend more on the cover of night to carry out their nefarious activities. Also, do not take high-risk roads or go to high-risk areas.

If you have never been to the north and are visiting for the first time, it is essential to learn a few words of Hausa to communicate easier with the locals, they’d be more open to helping you get around, and you would have an easier time there.

Do not do things that would make you stand out, dress appropriately for the region and weather, do not draw attention to yourself.

Travelling by air or train is safer than by car, but if you cannot afford that, do not board roadside vehicles that are not registered with the NURTW; you could be entering a dangerous situation.

Despite all of the horror stories you see on the news, Northern Nigeria is a great place to visit but ensure you are conscious of your surroundings and take appropriate measures to be safe.