Togetherness; A Driving Force To Building A Nation

February 17, 2022

We felt weighed deep down with our dangling like the pendulum bulb by the centuries, but making decisions is the only way forward. We must prepare to have Patience towards our journey to life in our country. As The world is changing fast with time, those changes will be inevitable.

We found ourselves in the shadows of confusion just like the cloud, fussed with inevitable situations. It is advantageous to have life in you, use it effectively, and build the future ahead. Life in a count that gets better if we have a brighter vision serves as a gateway towards success. But one cannot soar alone; togetherness will be the driving force to overcome challenges in our race towards greatness.

We Were broken into pieces, but to glue back together will not be the break we don’t figure out what leads to our break from the beginning. The earlier we position ourselves and have a good plan ahead of us, the better the future will be. The unsupportive system we find ourselves in makes us think there is no future for us, but the hope-filled in our hearts like an unstoppable burning flame will not stop us from seeing a bright future coming.

We must achieve and summon ourselves altogether to achieve our dreams for the betterment of the country. To prepare ourselves for the future, a new approach must be taken in some or all sectors of the economy. The future needs to be planned by us; we can’t see it just happing or achieving it happened without us working towards achieving the dream and seeing it come true. If we allow others to make the future for us, they will give us what they want, not what we need.

Gcanision is needed to foresee the future and build it creatively. To achieve our dreams for a better future, we must come together and shape them. No one should be left behind; the train of development should take everyone along as each person has something to offer to develop their society.

We were known for our achievements from our history, and it is believed that “achievements were the products of dreams and ideas”. We have good dreams for achieving cures from the beginning, but the path to achieving them left us with dangling hope floating around the sky.

The road to development is difficult, but our dream will make our journey easier to reach the promised Land. Development is an ongoing process that will continue if and only if we want to be part of the future. Likewise, the road to success is rough and easy to achieve f we wish. But the key to success for a county is having a great leader with Vision. To achieve excellence towards development, we must deploy the element of development, which are visions, goals, leadership, and imp mentation.

Those development elements made the developed countries we see and wish to be like them or even better than them. Advanced development concepts must be designed, which will work for us since what works for them might not work for us due to the difference in our environment and the people living there.
To successfully carry out and cement those development elements, we must have a mindset that seeks to excel once. A mind that sees nothing but development and the ways to achieve them. Before achieving excellence and development in the long run of success, Patience should be like a wind that will be kept blowing through our minds, which will be the driving force to keep us moving. Because “Development is an accumulative and integral process”, from the little development we build, it will sprout out success.

To have a strong development in the present and the future, the younger generation should pay attention and develop their skills to bring the best out of them through education and opportunities. This will help to produce a generation that can transform their environment. The economy needs different approaches and strategic plans to move us forward. The covalent bond between us should be held firm with love, sympathy, and tolerance. Togetherness will bring us closer to development, and the future will smile at us blissfully.