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Traditional Medicine: A Reflection of Nature

Herbs are plants mostly used as spices and for medicinal purposes. In ancient times, the major source for healing materials for relieving health issues or health related problems were herbs. The elders who were known for their gift and ability to discern between herbs will make certain mixtures of these herbs and they were used to cure and heal many diseases and illnesses.

This was then passed down as a tradition from generation to generation. It is a common practice especially in Chinese and Korea. Both Nations have a rich history for using herbs and medicinal plants for healing and wellness. They not only used and passed this techniques down, they also did proper documentation that even today some of these methods are still in use.

The Traditional Chinese Medicine made up of herbal medicines together with other methods such as acupuncture. Their method of treatment was majorly based on “qi”, life energy and “yin” and “yang” balance. The herbalists formulated their medicines to treat specific health conditions. Some of the most important herbal plants used was ginseng, astragalus and goji-berries. Use of these herbs can be found in ancient text like “Huangdi Neijing”.

The Korean Traditional Medicine follows similar patterns but is more rooted in herbal medicine. A 17th century Medical text by Heo Jun has a significant content of the knowledge and techniques used in Korean Traditional Medicine. Ginseng (ginseng roots), ginger and licorice root are the most common medicinal herbs as used in Korean medicines.Both cultures have recognized the profound potential of herbs and plants in maintaining healthy life and well-being.

Traditional African medicine has been practiced for centuries. It is made up of knowledge, wisdom, and practices gathered over time and passed down through generations.The use of medicinal plants and herbs is key in African traditional medicine. Thousands of plant species are employed for their therapeutic properties and is then used in addressing a wide range of health concerns. One good thing about the African medicine is it holistic approach to treating ailments (which comprises of treating physical ailments, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being.

In the past, most of the knowledge of traditional medicine was only transmitted orally or through apprenticeships but, in recent times “herbalist” now have documents that carry these knowledge.

Nowadays, African Medicine now co-exists with Modern medicine. Some of the traditional medicines are now been made into tablets for easy accessibility and consumption.

In all these various herbal traditions, there’s a reflection of a deep connection with nature which goes beyond just the treatments. In all their treatment techniques you will always find that they try to heal from the mind and then the body.

These herbal traditions have become examplery to other cultures due to their wisdom of preserving these medicinal ways and passing them on. It continues to influence health practices around the globe.