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War: The art of destruction

War is a state of conflict or armed struggle between different groups or nations, typically characterized by the use of force and violence to achieve political, territorial, or even ideological objectives.

It involves the use of armies or militia usually equipped with military grade equipment deployed with various strategies to carry out objectives, most important of all which is the objective of winning.

War often leads to loss of life and destruction of properties and could also be accompanied with economic, social, political impacts and many more. A current example of a war would be the one between Israel and Hamas.

Hamas, a prescribed terrorist organisation by many nations including The United States of America and The United Kingdom, is a group that took over political power in Gaza and have been in charge since 2007. The organization has been in fierce conflict with Israel over many years with it eventually leading to the eventual declaration of war.

A war which appears to be a land dispute which seemingly carries religious, political and cultural undertones. This war was induced by the invasion of Israel by Hamas operatives on the 7th of October(a Jewish day of celebration) which led to the indiscriminate killing over more than a thousand isrealiis and kidnapping of more than 200 people (including foreign nationals) around the border of Israel. In response to this, Isreal declared war on Hamas and launched a fierce offense on Gaza which has thus far been limited to airstrikes with an impending ground invasion. A war that has since claimed civilian casualties on both sidesThe most recent development is the bombing of a hospital in Gaza.

According to The U.N., public establishments like schools and hospitals are to be exempted from harm to reduce civilians casualties during wars and other disputes. Breaking this, could result in war crimes. Hamas and a few others have since accused Israel of the act but in response Isreal has denied this with a few pieces of evidence to support their claim. This is another aspect of the war, which is an information war, with both sides battling to put out information to help them win over the sentiment and support of their people and the international community which could lead to a multi national involvement in the war.

With The United States and The United Kingdom being the most obvious supporters of Israel and countries like Iran and Lebanon being in support of Hamas. The saddest reality of this war(like most), are the poor citizens who have become pawns. Heavy casualties have been incured on both with numerous lives and property being lost so far and with no end in sight at the moment, the casualties will only increase.