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We Will No Longer Forgive And Forget

We have a culture of forgiving and forgetting in this country. We reelect leaders that mishandled their positions to do the same jobs they were elected to do the first time and failed.
They go away for some time and come back, rebrand themselves as the messiah the country needs, and we forget that they were the people who tore it apart.
When are we going to start holding grudges? Eh. When will we tell these guys to move out of the way so we can elect people with the country’s best interest at heart? Why are we so easy to fool?
First, we need to look at what fuels our spirit of forgiveness: money. These guys would spring up and share some chicken change, and boom, amnesia. For a measly 10000 naira, we sell our votes and conscience only to be stuck in the same toxic cycle that keeps making this country hard to live in.
And for a country with a high rate of unemployment and poverty, it is easy to see why we are easily won over by men handing us money with no desire to move the country forward, their only reason for running for elections being that “it is their turn “.
A hungry man has no regard for anything but food, It is accurate, and that is why they keep stuffing us with leftovers while also stealing from us. Food that will only sustain you today and leave you hungry until they come back to feed you again. Times are hard, but remember that if you give away your votes today because somebody gave you five hundred naira, it will only last you a while. They will get into office and use money meant to build this country to enrich their families while you make complaints that fall on deaf ears.
Also, weʼve been taught that it is important to forgive, and so we do; when they tell us they are repentant, we believe them. We rejoice that they changed, and we join their bandwagon. Letʼs hold grudges and judge them on past records. Have they ever fulfilled any of their promises? While they were in small positions, did they handle those positions well? If not, we donʼt want. Forgiveness has not worked for us; let’s stop doing it. Be angry and unforgiving; use that anger to demand accountability and elect leaders that will bring actual change to the country.