What if they never apologized? A short piece

When we feel offended, we expect an apology, which is perfectly normal. It is important to apologize when you have wronged someone, so there is nothing strange about expecting an apology from anyone who hurts you. We expect some form of closure even if we don’t wish to continue our relationship with the person who wronged us; we expect them to say they are sorry so we can heal and move on.

But it doesn’t always happen that way. You would not always get the happy ending of an apology from the people you need it the most from because they simply would not want to acknowledge that they hurt you, and if someone does not think their actions rubbed you the wrong way, there’s nothing you could say that would convince them they did. You may feel the need to lash out, confront them with their wrongdoing in hopes that they will take the initiative and admit to their poor treatment of you, and in doing that, you could find yourself being sucked back into a toxic situation.

It is not worth it; stop making up scenarios in your head of what could have been, stop wondering if the reason they didn’t apologize is that you are not deserving of it. Stop hoping that one day your aunt would remember how poorly she treated you as a child and beg for your forgiveness because she may never do that. The harsh truth is that sometimes our need for closure is an excuse to stay in uncomfortable situations because we care about that person. We believe that if we stick around long enough, they will finally see that they weren’t kind to us and will start to treat us better. But there is a slim chance that it would work out that way, you cannot control anybody’s actions, but you get to decide how you react.

Let it go, put it behind you and forgive. Grieve first because if you care for someone, their absence from your life will impact you. It is okay to feel sad, so don’t hold back when those feelings hit you, then heal and open yourself up to the possibilities of meeting better people and making unforgettable memories.