Why You Need To Make Sunscreen A Part Of Your Beauty Routine

There is a myth that black people do not need sunscreen because, unlike our less melanated counterparts, we do not suffer sunburn and are less prone to skin cancer. We may not sunburn easily, but we are still prone to skin cancer, sun spots and wrinkles.

In primary school, we were taught that sunlight is excellent for our skin and provides vitamin D. Thatʼs true, but how much sunlight is too much?
Just because you donʼt feel a burning sensation from exposure doesnʼt mean the sun isnʼt wreaking havoc on you. Melanin gives natural protection of up to SPF 13, but that is not enough to stop the sun from damaging your skin. You still have to take extra steps to prevent damage.

Wearing sunscreen protects you from certain types of skin cancer such as melanoma and basal cell carcinoma. It also prevents premature ageing that causes skin elasticity and gives you wrinkles. It helps maintain your skin tone; if you deal with hyperpigmentation wearing sunscreen would even out your tone.

Also, you need to wear it every day to be effective. Find a good one that wouldnʼt leave a white cast or coat on your skin.
Find one that protects you from the damaging UVB and UVA rays, is water-resistant and offers protection of up to SPF 30 at least. Your skin will thank you for it.