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Words Can Also Feel Like Sticks and Stones. Let Yours Be Gentle

Most people tend to look for ways to hurt and crush the pride of others by looking for their weaknesses and using them against them. Some will tease you because of your background, status, illness etc., to have fun or to get under your skin without realizing the damage they are doing to the other person’s life. This also leads the victim to be exempt from society and peer groups. Knowing someone’s weaknesses doesn’t mean you should try to be malicious and use them to feed your ego. Tagging them with their imperfections is unkind.
Why don’t you try surprising them instead with a compliment? Tag them with something they’re good at, want, need, or like to share. Find ways to make them feel good and as if they matter. You’ll be surprised by the change you will bring to the person’s life and how helpful that will be.
Sometimes we can forget how capable of a person someone can be based on their weakness. Itʼs important to look past the bad and see what beauty there is too.
Some see the weakness of others as their strength. Stop highlighting your friends’ weaknesses to get likes and satisfy your pride.
It’s good to tag people by their strengths, but often you can only find someone’s true strength by seeing what they’re most vulnerable to.
We live in a society that is sometimes intolerant and impatient, where weʼre constantly predicting the future as if predicting can change anything. Our society has no end to expect because itʼs changing every day.
None of us is perfect; we must stand firm together through our insecurities. We may be made up of the same thousands of fears and insecurities.
Nowadays, itʼs not about finding weaknesses. Itʼs about examining them and understanding exactly what they do for you!
Sometimes all it takes is the slightest shift in behaviour or a change in tone that might seem insignificant but, to someone else, may mean everything.
So if you have one absolute force to contend with, confirm that youʼve made the most. Letʼs focus our energy on what can be achieved together. Itʼs easy to want to improve the harmful things in your life. But don’t forget to embrace the good too. Leave a kind word for the people you meet too.