Zero Male Suicide

Today is International Men’s Day and theme is on the mental health of men.

In a world where mental health struggles often remain in silence, it is important that we continue to talk about how we can prevent or male suicide has become a pressing societal concern.

This year’s theme aims at encouraging and supporting men; also celebrating their strength and courage even during hard times.When it comes to women’s day or mothers day, it is widely celebrated and recognized by all but men’s day is always on a low. Even men were not celebrating themselves; but there has been a shift.

We can now see that there are many people celebrating this day even though it is mostly on Social media. The support is huge. That is why the month of November is been dedicated to celebrating and encouraging the men.

To be better equipped to support men and show our love, there are things that we should be made aware of. There are ways to show our love.

Understanding the Crisis is one of the things we need to get done. Male suicide rates is now having a troubling increase globally. The expectations and stigma surrounding mental health too has made it difficult for men to be open. Societal expectations and stigma surrounding mental health has made it quite difficult to seek help. Also, the stereotypical notion about the strength in masculinity.

Breaking the Stigma is a crucial step in reducing this issue. This can be achieved by creating awareness and having open conversations dispelling myths about masculinity. It can also be achieved by creating an environment that embraces vulnerability and stressing that it is not an act of weakness but of strength.

Initiatives focused on mental health education, should be tailored to address the unique challenges faced by men. These will be pivotal to help them cope with the challenges they face daily.

Mental health Professionals and stakeholders also have an important role to play in this by making themselves accessible and the healthcare affordable.

The vision of achieving zero male suicide is seems unattainable but it’s something that can be achieved. It requires a commitment and a positive attitude towards mental health education and awareness, and a collaborative effort with professionals and the society so that men all over the world will be able to stand strong even in the face of challenges.

A Zero Male Suicide World is Possible”

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