The world radiography day is celebrated every 8th November to celebrate the discovery of X-rays. It is a day that reminds us to be grateful for the various applications of x-ray and also to recognize the role of radiology and radiographers.

Not to bore you with so many details but here’s a little history.

X-ray is a form of electromagnetic waves that act in almost the same manner as light waves but with a shorter wavelength. It was discovered by accident during an experiment by Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen in 1895.

The use of x-ray in healthcare cannot be over emphasized as it is used in medicine for medical imaging which allows the medical practitioners visualize the internal structures of the human body therefore assisting them to make informed diagnosis and decisions about treatments.

X-rays is used in examining bones, identifying the extent or type of fractures as well as cancers and pneumonia. In dentistry, x-rays are used to examine the extent of cavities or other dental related issues.

You must wonder how galleries and museums are able to tell the difference between original and fake artworks or know authenticity of an artifact. This is because of the use of x-rays in screening the artworks displayed or been preserved. Alterations and hidden details in art works and paintings are easily detected using x rays.

Materials and Products such as welds, pipeline and aircraft components are been tested for defects and other production errors using x-rays. They are also used for security checks especially at airports to inspect luggage and to identify prohibited items or substances.

X-rays are still been used in various fields of scientific research using the application of X-ray Crystallography.

The World Radiography Day highlights the advancement in the field of radiography and honors professionals and technologists in the field while also creating awareness on its importance and safety measures needed to minimize the exposure of X-rays on patients.

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