A Father’s Revenge

How far is too far to go for your child? I believe many parents will agree that they can move mountains for their kids and kill anyone who tries to hurt them, a trait also found in the animal kingdom. So it’s no surprise that some parents actually went above and beyond to protect their children or avenge them when they were attacked.

11 year old Jody Plauche was abducted by his Karate coach Jeff Doucet whom took him away from his Baton Rouge hometown to Disneyland, Anaheim California and assaulted him.

A search was carried out and Jody was found with Doucet not too long into the trip by FBI officials. Doucet was arrested and sent back to Louisiana to stand trial.

On March 16, 1984 when he was being returned to stand trial, someone was waiting for him at the airport. When he got off the airplane in custody of the sheriff, Gary Plauche, Jody’s father was hiding at a bank of payphones with a revolver and reportedly said to a friend on the phone: “Here he comes, you’re about to hear a shot”.

And indeed that was what happened because as soon as Jeff Doucet came closer, Gary reached for his gun and fired, instantly killing him. Then he dropped the gun and hung up. This was all caught on camera.

In 1985, Plauche pled no contest to charges of manslaughter and got a seven year suspended sentence, five years of probation and 300 hours of community service. Many consider him a hero for this act.