You’re Misdirecting Your Stones

Typically when a girl is murdered people find a way to make it her fault. She should have known better than to date someone like that, if she wasn’t so hung up on dating a rich guy she would be alive.

I’ve been hearing it since I was old enough to understand words but I have rarely heard anyone condemn the perpetrators of crimes against women. They pay them no attention, the focus is entirely on the one who was wronged and they smear them ruthlessly.

When Justina was murdered by her boyfriend that she had known for quite a while, people still found a way to make it her fault. What was she doing at a boyfriend’s house and why did she have a boyfriend at twenty one?

Twenty one? You’re not allowed to have a boyfriend at twenty one ? Since when? Is the consequence of having a boyfriend death and why ?When another girl had her eyes removed by a boyfriend, people still found a way to blame it on her.

She wanted a rich boyfriend so she deserved it, they said. Her story was used as a cautionary tale about the importance of being content.

This lesson has been hammered on for years and women have taken all the steps to protect themselves yet nothing has changed, they still get blamed for their demise or misfortune. It’s time to rephrase it, ask the men who value money over human life to stop.

Tell them it is despicable to choose wealth over someone’s life. Tell them to work hard and stop trying to acquire riches by any means necessary.

The stones you throw at their victims should be directed at them, they are the problem not the girl who was so in love she went over to her boyfriend’s house and ended up dead or the girl who wanted a boyfriend who could take care of her and ended up with a slit throat and her eyes gouged out.

Our girls will never be safe if all we do is condemn them and ignore the crimes of their attackers. That shame you sprinkle on the graves of dead girls who were victims of greedy men should be used to light the fires that burn the men who hurt them.

Human life should never be exchanged for wealth, it is sacred and anyone who violates the rule should be shamed and punished.