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A New Dawn in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman has made moves that are pushing a positive narrative of Saudi Arabia, he believes that investing in talent will raise the country to greater heights.
His interview with Fox News showcased the country’s journey and intentions to carry out more work for its continued progress and development, no stone is to be left unturned on the mission of elevating the country.

The crown prince stated that despite challenges the country has faced in the past, and opportunities that were missed, the plan is to work on what will be sustainable for the future. He stated this as Saudi Arabia records the fastest economic growth amongst G20 nations, catching up to advanced countries in terms of growth speed.

The kingdom is experiencing vast growth in the tourism, sports, entertainment and culture sectors.
The Kingdom’s 2030 vision outlines a plan to push Saudi Arabia influence locally and globally. It also seeks to accelerate economic growth and change misleading media narratives. The crown prince noted that the primary goal is to turn obstacles into opportunities to push the kingdom forward, stressing that vision 2030 is bold and its objectives are being achieved globally.

This new phase has been defined by strong decisions, dedication, determination and commitment to achieving goals. As a result, Saudi Arabia is recording great economic growth, seeing results and is set to rank among the top economies globally.